COUNTAX C50 Garden Tractor With 38″ XRD Deck

/COUNTAX C50 Garden Tractor With 38″ XRD Deck

COUNTAX C50 Garden Tractor With 38″ XRD Deck

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A feature packed garden tractor for gardens of around one acre

The C50 is a fully specified Countax with a single cylinder 500cc Briggs and Stratton engine. With a smaller 97cm (38″) XRD cutter deck, the C50 is perfect for gardens with around one acre of lawn to cut or where there are specific limitations for access.

The C50 features a power take-off. This allows you to drive accessories such as the Powered Grass Collector, Broadcast Spreader or Powered Scarifier.

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A compact garden tractor ideal for areas of around one acre.

Supplied complete with a 38 inch XRD deck, this is a great way to keep your lawn looking pristine, even if you have restricted access.

Powerful performance to get the job done

Thanks to its reliable Briggs & Stratton 500cc single cylinder engine, the Countax C50 enjoys excellent performance and is a durable, long-lasting machine. This is a quiet machine courtesy of intelligent design that ensures that low levels of noise are produced, while you also get a 38 inch XRD deck supplied with the unit as standard. This is a reinforced deck that can cut fully, even in wet conditions, using three contra-rotating blades to leave virtually no grass uncut.

Outstanding build quality & durability

A heavy duty cast front axle provides additional strength to this machine in one of the key areas, while the fact that they body is made of single pressed steel (far more durable than a traditional fabricated unit) ensures it has the durability to handle tough tasks. All this simply serves to back up the Briggs & Stratton engine and rugged deck fitted to the machine.

Excellent additional features for easy operation

First and foremost, this model boasts hydrostatic drive that enables you to operate it using a foot pedal. It uses an ergonomic, adjustable, automotive-style seat for high levels of comfort while you work. It is also easy to stay on top of your operational levels thanks to the Operating Management System, which is an on-board computer showing a straightforward view of critical functions, including the current deck height (which can be easily changed from the operating position between 12 mm and 101 mm, in ten settings). For added safety, a parking brake is provided.

Due to the push-button controller power take-off fitted to the C50, you are able to attach the likes of a Powered Grass Collector, Broadcast Spreader and Powered Scarifier, for truly versatile lawn care.