FSA 85 complete with 1 batteries and charger

/FSA 85 complete with 1 batteries and charger

FSA 85 complete with 1 batteries and charger


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The FSA 85 cordless string trimmer is light, quiet and powerful, making it perfect for use in large gardens and noise-sensitive areas. Thanks to the cordless technology, starting this perfectly balanced string trimmer is easier than ever. Fitted with an easy-to-use AutoCut C 4-2 nylon line mowing head, trimming lawn edges and mowing smaller areas is a breeze. The practical spacer bracket that the FSA 85 cordless string trimmer has allows you to easily trim around obstacles, trees and bushes with great ease without damaging them. Once you’ve finished trimming the grass, you can save space by using the hanging loop to hang your cordless grass string trimmer securely to a wall. The AP battery that is needed for the FSA 85 is compatible with all other STIHL PRO Cordless power tools, and there is a range of batteries to choose from depending on how long you need to use the tools for.

Technical data

Recommended battery AP 300
Standard cutting tool AutoCut C 4-2
Run time AP 100 min 1) up to 18
Run time with AP 200 min 1) up to 36
Run time with AP 300 min 1) up to 45
Run time with AR 2000 min 1) up to 180
Run time with AR 3000 min 1) up to 220
Weight without battery kg 2) 2.8
Cutting tool AutoCut C4-2
Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 77
Sound power level dB(A) 3) 94
Vibration value, left m/s2 4) 1.4
Weight kg 2.8
Total length cm 5) 165


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