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HL 92 KC-E


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Short shaft, professional long reach hedge trimmer for landscaping and property maintenance. Well balanced and light, this tool is perfect for tall hedges and working close to the ground. The efficient 2-MIX engine with ECOSPEED load control is ideal for working in noise sensitive areas. Features STIHL Ergostart for easy starting and versatile 145 degree adjustable cutter bar for different working angles.

1 in stock

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Technical data

Performance kW 0.75
Performance bhp 1
Sound pressure level dB(A) 1) 92
Displacement cm³ 21.4
Sound power level dB(A) 1) 107
Vibration level right m/s² 2) 6.3
Vibration level left m/s² 2) 5.8
Power output kW/bhp 0.75 / 1.0
Weight kg 3) 5.4
Blade length cm 50
Tooth spacing mm 34
Total length cm 189


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