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Honda FF300 Tiller & Cultivator


At the very top end of Honda’s tiller and cultivator range we find a set of machines designed to make even the toughest soil preparation work practically effortless, including the impressively compact FF300. Designed to handle heavy duty cultivation work and heavier workloads, the FF300 is nevertheless precise, easy to manoeuvre and reassuringly user-friendly. This makes it perfect for everything ranging from domestic garden maintenance to demanding commercial soil cultivation, especially if faced with hard soil that would cause problems for most tillers.

Key to the excellence of the FF300 is the use of counter-rotating tines which chew up compacted soil and leave a fine tilth behind once they are done. The FF300 comes with a set of four four-tooth tiller blades, offering a working width of 41cm and cutting through compacted soil to a depth of up to 16cm, giving this machine a considerable advantage over any conventional tiller. Furthermore, the FF300 can also be used with only two of its counter-rotating cutters for extra precision when tilling in narrower areas. There are thus few situations in which the FF300 won’t perform to truly exceptional levels.

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Technical Specifications

Engine/motor: Honda GXV57 OHV 57cc
Power source: Unleaded petrol
Starting system: Recoil
Transmission: Wheels – mesh / Tines – chain and gear
Gears: 3 forward/1 reverse
Tine configuration: Front-tine
Working width: 41cm
Working depth: 16cm
Handlebars: Adjustable
Weight: 50.5kg
Warranty: 5-year domestic/1-year commercial
Weight 52 kg