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The Honda FG110 mini tiller (cultivator) is a multi-purpose, lightweight, easy to use and efficient personal garden cultivator. It features fingertip controls and integrated folding handles that make it easy to use and transport.

It’s 4-stroke engine is incredibly quiet and virtually smoke free and it runs on unleaded fuel, so there’s no more messing about mixing fuel and oil the way you would have to with a 2-stroke tiller. The worm gear transmission provides more torque than the common screw gear used on most mini tillers. This gives increased the Honda FG 110 cultivator efficiency under heavy load. The exclusive Honda hybrid tines dig and cultivate at the same time and the FG110’s lightweight and ergonomic design makes moving it around the garden a joy.

The optional lawncare kit for the Honda FG110 tiller includes a border edger, a de-thatcher and a lawn aerator. The aerator breaks up the ground, introducing air into the soil and promoting better grass growth. The dethatcher removes patches of moss to further allow air into the ground and give your lawn a healthier appearance. To tidy-up the edges of your lawn after mowing, the lawn edger provides the perfect answer for a professional looking finish.

  • Runs on unleaded fuel so you don’t have to prepare a special fuel/oil mix required by 2 stroke engines. Incredibly quiet and virtually smoke free.
  • Transmission uses Worm Gear providing more torque than the common screw gear used on most mini tillers for increased efficiency under heavy load.
  • Exclusive Honda hybrid tines dig and cultivate at the same time.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic makes moving the FG110 around the garden a joy.
  • No assembly required. Handlebars fold for easy storage and transport – simply unfold and tighten for use.
  • Transport wheels supplied as standard
  • Optional attachments including aerator, edger, de-thatcher and digging tines make the FG110 a multi-purpose garden tool.

A lawn care kit including an aerator, eder and de-thatcher can be purchased from the accessories list above. The attachments can also be purchased separately.


Honda customers deserve complete peace of mind are these products are supported with one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. This tiller comes with a 5 year warranty (if used in a domestic environment and subject to annual service). In a professional environment it comes with a 1 year warranty.