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The Honda HRN 536 VK self-propelled petrol lawn mower is the ideal machine for the domestic user as it has even easier access to parts such as the oil drain and the spark plugs and it also features a large fuel cap for easy and mess-free refueling. For improved user convenience the handles benefit from fast release for easy folding.

A great new feature from Honda is the improved axle design; with enhanced tolerance to impact this Honda HRN 536 VK would prefer to be treated nicely, but can take the odd bump or knock and will still remain a faithful and hard working ally in your quest for the perfect lawn! This new design also allows you to change the cutter height from only one side – so much faster and much more convenient than the previous design. Incidentally the cutting height has a total of seven settings on this new model, compared with just 6 on the previous model. You can choose between heights of 27mm right upt0 100mm.

On your first session with this Honda HRN 536 VK you’ll appreciate its smooth self-propelled drive but wait, there’s more to this than meets the eye! Honda has developed a two-way ratchet system for the wheels, which means they rotate freely in both directions; therefore the same force is required whether you are going forwards or backwards. It’s a no brainer in our opinion and will totally enhance your user experience.

Need to mulch? That’s no problem for the Honda HRN 536 VK. Simply attach the included Versamow mulch plug and you can choose to collect them in the generously sized 70 litre grass bag – but why would you want to do that when you can return them to your lawn where they will act as a free and very efficient grass fertiliser! They’ll be almost invisible as they will be so finely cut.

This outstanding Honda HRN 536 VK is so easy to operate. It features Honda’s impressive “Smart Drive” technology which allows you to control the speed using an ergonomic paddle shaped lever situated on the handlebar. You can choose to use your palm or your thumb – whichever you find the comfiest. You can choose from 5 speeds, and whichever one you choose you won’t have to push – this is of course wonderful news to those of you who have struggled previously with a heavy machine or if your garden is anything less than a flat lawn.

This product comes with a 5 year domestic warranty from Honda.