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Honda HRX537 HZ

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The Honda HRX 537 HZ lawn mower offers top features: 21″ cut, hydrostatic variable speed drive and roto-stop blade clutch – this allows the operator to empty the box whilst leaving the engine running.  This also allows driving of the machine from A to B safely without the blade running.

In addition to the standard pull start system fitted to the Honda Easy Start engine, the Honda HRX 537 HZ lawn mower is also fitted with electric key start for effortless starting.

1 in stock


Also fitted as standard to the Honda HRX537HZ lawn mower is Honda’s new variable mulching Versamow System which will either collect the grass clippings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn…or a combination of both. These finely clipped mulched particles then fertilise the ground and help to stop it drying out. 

Honda customers deserve complete peace of mind. Honda HRX537HZ lawn mowers are supported with the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Our premium mowers (used in a domestic environment) come with a standard 7-year warranty, subject to annual servicing.


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