Honda UMC425 Versatool Power Unit

/Honda UMC425 Versatool Power Unit

Honda UMC425 Versatool Power Unit


Keeping any garden in top condition can involve a lot of different chores; hedges need trimming, borders need edging, grass needs mowing and soil needs tilling. And while it is possible to buy or hire dedicated machine for each of these tasks, a much simpler option is to invest in a multi-function combi-tool, such as Honda’s UMC425 E Versatool. This powerful unit can be customised with a wide range of attachments in order to tackle just about every task you might face in your garden, ranging from precision trimming to pruning tough tree branches.

Power to the UMC425 E is provided by one of Honda’s compact but powerful25cc GX25 mini four-stroke petrol engines, built to be clean and quiet running as well as pleasingly fuel efficient. A convenient recoil start system makes it quick and easy to get the Versatoolrunning, while an anti-vibration clutch system and reinforced transmission head ensure that the UMC425 E is superbly reliable and comfortable to use even over extended periods.

Built with an ergonomically designed D-loop handle featuring an integrated barrier bar for added protection, the UMC425 E is also supplied as standard with a handy harness for even greater levels of control and comfort. Equally convenient is the Versatool’s innovative joint system, designed to facilitate swift and straightforward interchanging between the various attachments available for this versatile piece of equipment; simply push and click to lock in your preferred attachment.

And with the various attachments available for the UMC425 E including a precise line trimmer, two sizes of hedgetrimmer, a pruner for cutting through tree branches and dense thicket, a leaf blower, an efficient edger and a cultivator, there aren’t too many jobs to which Honda’s Versatool cannot be turned.


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