Honda Versatool SSCL Cultivator Attachment

/Honda Versatool SSCL Cultivator Attachment

Honda Versatool SSCL Cultivator Attachment

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No matter how your garden grows (silver bells and cockleshells aside) it is important to make sure that your soil is properly prepared for whatever you want to plant. Lighter and much easier to use and store than a dedicated cultivator or tiller, this cultivator attachment fits to your Honda Versatooland allows you to maintain small vegetable patches and flower beds with ease.

Featuring a working width of 20cm for extra accuracy when working around growing plants, the cultivator attachment uses a rotary blade system to break up compacted soil and remove any weeds in your path, thereby increasing the amount of air, moisture and nutrients available to the roots of any grasses, flowers or vegetables you might have planted. To ensure your safety, meanwhile, the cultivator unit is also fitted with a sturdy protective cover which will deflect any soil, stones or other detritus churned up during use.

Moreover, thanks to an innovative click-and-go system it is quick and easy to switch between different Versatool attachments, and the cultivator unit also features a handy storage hook which allows it to be stowed safely and efficiently out of the way when not in use.