HRG 536 VY

/HRG 536 VY

HRG 536 VY

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Easy to Handle:

  • With a wider cutter housing, six easy-to-set cutter height adjustments and extra wide, non-slip tyres, the Izy goes anywhere, faster and more easily. Innovative Honda engine delivers more smooth power to the blades with less vibration than similar engines.
  • Easy to cut around obstacles and lawn edges as the cutter deck is wider than the wheels.
  • Easy grass collection with better airflow through the rounded cutter deck.
  • Easy to manoeuvre push model thanks to double ball-bearing in wheels.
  • Easy cutting high torque engine means no clogging of grass no matter how thick it is.


Easy to Operate:

  • You don’t have to be an expert to operate a Honda Izy. The main controls are easy to use and easy to grip. The ergonomic handle and push-only safety bar are less tiring to hold and simple to operate. The intuitive slot-in/lift-out grass bag is perfectly balanced for easy handling and the built-in rear shield drops down to protect your legs when the bag is removed.
  • Easy controls within arms reach, and large easy to identify levers for cutting height.
  • Easy to grasp comfortable, blade brake handle for less tiring operation. Easy adjust 6 position grass cutting heights gives you more precision and choice.
  • Easy to empty, large capacity grass bag means fewer trips to the emptying area.
  • Easy push bar blade brake means better safety.

Easy to Live with:

  • Maintaining and storing the Honda Izy is a doddle the interior of the cutter housing has no nooks or crannies, so wet grass does not stick to it when it dries. Rounded exterior shapes are easy to wipe and the easy folding handle allows storage in the smallest of spaces. What’s more, the Honda Izy’s 4-stroke engines meet the world’s strictest anti-pollution standards, so they are cleaner and quieter…. better for you, and your neighbours.
  • Easy spill-free refuelling with large diameter petrol cap.
  • Easy storage with one-piece folding handle.
  • Easy low maintenance with Honda’s renowned build quality and expert engineering.
  • Easy on the environment, quiet and economical with low fuel and oil consumption, conforming with current environmental standards.

5 Year Warranty:

  • Honda customers deserve complete peace of mind. Honda mowers are supported with the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.
  • Our premium mowers (used in a domestic environment) come with a standard 5-year warranty (Subject to Servicing)

Technical Specification:

  • Power Source – Petrol
  • Power Details – GCV160,1 cylinder, OHC 4-stroke, air-forced cooled, overhead camshaft,160cc, 4.4HP
  • Transmission – Smart Drive
  • Starting Method – Recoil
  • Design – Wheeled
  • Cutter Deck – Steel
  • Cutting Width – 53 cm (21 inches)
  • Cutting Heights – 28 – 102 mm
  • Number Cutting Heights – 6
  • Propulsion (metres per second) – Progressive (0-1.65)
  • Collector – 73 litres
  • Noise Value – Sound Power Level dB(A) – 98
  • Weight – 36.8 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 1,534 x 582 x 1,014 mm
  • Warranty – 5 years domestic
  • Other Features – Deadmans Handle