New Stihl AL301 Quick Chager

/New Stihl AL301 Quick Chager

New Stihl AL301 Quick Chager




A battery charger for STIHL AK and AP battery range that has a quick recharging time and can automatically switch off when the battery is fully charge to prevent overheating.

The AL301 quick charger for STIHL AK and AP system batteries with a 6.5A charging current and a built-in fan for cooling down the battery.

Two-step charging process

Equipped with a two-stage charging system; the AL301 is able to charge the battery to the voltage limit at a constant current and then it switches to a constant voltage until the charge is complete.  

Easy storage

The AL301 comes with a cable tie and velcro strap which enables the user to loop the cable up to the charger to store it neatly whilst charging.  The AL301 charger can also be mounted on to the wall to save vital storage space.

AK System Charge Times
AK 10 battery 45 minutes
AK 20 battery 55 minutes
AK 30 battery 60 minutes
AP System Charge Times
AP 100 battery 45 minutes
AP 200 battery 55 minutes
AP 300 battery 60 minutes
AP 300 S battery 70 minutes
AP 500 S battery 90 minutes
AR 2000 L backpack battery 150 minutes
AR 3000 L backpack battery 220 minutes