Honda UMR 435 LE Petrol Backpack Brushcutter

/Honda UMR 435 LE Petrol Backpack Brushcutter

Honda UMR 435 LE Petrol Backpack Brushcutter

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A brushcutter is an essential part of any serious gardener’s tool kit, useful for tackling a variety of jobs ranging from precision trimming to clearing thicker patches of scrub and brush. For those taking on large amounts of work, especially professional and semi-professional users, not only does Honda’s UMR435 LE T offer superb precision and cutting performance, it also features a fully adjustable backpack harness which is designed to reduce the stress and strain involved in extended periods of use.

Let us concentrate first, though, on the power of this impressive machine. Driven by an industrious 35cc GX35 mini four-stroke petrol engine, designed to be superbly fuel efficient and potent enough to prove reliable in even the toughest conditions, the UMR435 LE T is a machine which packs a punch belied by its compact design. Furthermore, the backpack harness distributes the weight of the engine evenly between your waist and your shoulders to ensure your comfort. The backpack can also be adjusted to suit your personal needs, while comfort is further bolstered by the inclusion of an anti-vibration frame and clutch system.

The impressive level of power this machine can bring to bear is evident in the UMR435 LE T’s dual cutting system. For clearing thick patches of weeds, brambles, nettles and long grass, a three-tooth metal blade option is included. In situations where greater delicacy is required, however, such as when trimming the edges of flowerbeds or around ornaments, a nylon cutting line system combines with the UMR435 T’s flexible shaft to offer outstanding precision. Moreover, with a tap-and-go line advancement system and a tough, protective head guard to deflect clippings, the UMR435 T is also reassuringly safe and easy to use.

With Honda’s well deserved reputation for engineering excellence, along with a heavy duty transmission head, the UMR435 LE T is also commendably sturdy and capable of offering many years of reliable service. Tough enough to take on bigger jobs, but manoeuvrable and compact enough to use in even the smallest gardens, Honda’s UMR435 LE T is thus a powerful and versatile brushcutter perfect for anyone looking to take on large amounts of garden maintenance.

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Technical Specifications

Engine/motor: 35cc Honda GX35T 4-stroke
Power source: Unleaded petrol
Starting method: Recoil
Fuel tank capacity: 0.63-litres
Handlebars: Loop
Anti-vibration system: Yes
Harness: Full harness
Cutting System: Nylon line/blade
Cutting width: N/a
Adjustable length: N/a
Weight: 10.7kg (excluding attachments)
Warranty: 1-year commercial
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 36 × 161 × 37 cm