Honda Versatool SSBL Blower Attachment

/Honda Versatool SSBL Blower Attachment

Honda Versatool SSBL Blower Attachment


hile most of the attachments available for Honda’s excellent Versatoolsare dedicated to cutting, trimming or chopping various forms of vegetation, the power of the mini four-stroke engines which power these machines can also be deployed to other ends. This blower unit, for example, harnesses the potency of the Versatoolto help you keep lawns, pathways and drives clear of dead leaves and other detritus with the bare minimum of hassle.

Suitable for either professional or domestic use, the blower attachment increases the functionality of your Honda Versatooland eliminates the need to manually remove leaves and other loose material commonly found in gardens, leaving an enviably tidy finish in its wake. Featuring a compact design for added ease of use and manoeuvrability, the blower features a two metre square range and an airflow which is directed parallel to the ground to reduce usable airstream losses and increase overall efficiency.

Moreover, the blower attachment is reassuringly reliable as it is designed to draw in air from the top to prevent blocking, while a handy storage hook and quick and easy click-and-go attachment system provide outstanding convenience and added ease of use.

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